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How do you know if you need my legal advice and/or representation?

Well, in general, if you are facing criminal charges, it would be prudent to seek legal advice and, possibly, legal representation in court. Certainly this is true if you have been charged with a “jail-able” offense. Or if you would lose your security clearance. Or custody of your children. How do you know how serious your situation is? I can tell you.

If you are facing the prospect of divorce, you should probably speak with a lawyer. On one hand, divorce can be fairly simple, as in the case of couples who can agree on how to untangle the threads of their marriage and can do so amicably. Preparing and signing a marital separation agreement is often appropriate for these folks. There are many decisions to be made, questions to be answered and issues to be faced in even the simplest divorce. Preparation of a marital separation agreement should not be a do-it-yourself affair. On the other hand, divorce can be complicated, where the parties are seriously at odds with each other over any or all of the issues involved in a divorce: child custody, visitation, support, spousal support, property (or “equitable”) distribution. Every divorce is different.

Would you like to update your will? You probably need legal advice to ensure that you accomplish just what you intended to accomplish.

What can CHERYL EDDY BENN, P.C. do for you? We provide confidential professional legal services in all these areas, and in others as well. I would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your circumstances and to suggest options for you to consider. Your information is strictly confidential and protected.

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